English dating sites for casual sex are a hot bed for horny women looking for a quick lay. This is only if you find genuine casual British dating sites. You can look at our casual dating sites UK reviews to figure out which sites will work best for you. Once you have gotten a genuine casual dating sites UK, the next step is figuring out which girls are the easiest lay, and being able to spot them from a mile away. There are usually a few give-away signs that will never let you down. You only need to be able to spot them. From her profile, you can easily tell whether or not she is desperate for sex, and how soon you can get laid.

How to find casual partnersEnglish dating sites for casual sex are a hot bed for horny women looking for a quick lay

Spotting Easy Girls for Casual Dates

The first tip for spotting easy girls for casual dates is to look for women out for revenge. This is always easy to tell from her profile. She will usually have some statement about how her last boyfriend was a pig or something to that effect. There are plenty of such girls on UK casual online dating sites. They are simply looking for a guy to get back at her ex with. Find out which girls are recently single. They will usually also indicate this on their profile. They are looking for a quick lay and to quickly get back into the sex game without all the attachment.

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Secondly, look out for women that are slightly on the heavier side. Not overweight, but with just a few extra pounds on them. You would be surprised at the low self esteem that these girls have, even when they are not even noticeably ‘fat’. The average skinny girl has a distorted view of her body and her weight. Now imagine one who has just a few extra pounds but still looks great. She will be ready to jump into bed with the first guy that shows her any attention. This is the best way to find casual sex without even having to lower your standards. Let’s be honest, you haven’t been banging models to begin with. This is exactly why you are on UK casual online dating sites.

Best Way to Find Casual Sex

Another strategy for spotting easy girls for casual dates is to go for the 5’s and 6’s. These are easy to spot from their profile picture and easy to get into bed. They have low self esteem, and not too many guys are paying her any attention. You have less competition this way, and you will have a lot more going for you. She will definitely pay you back for making her feel hot with great sex. You can still go for the occasional 8’s and 9’s, but you will have to put in a lot more work and exercise more patience. But who says that you can’t have it all. Simply work all the girls, and get to bagging the 5’s and 6’s as you wait to nail the harder to get 8’s and 9’s.

Easy Casual Lays

Lastly, there are a couple of questions (3 to be exact) that will help you figure out how easy it will be to get them to bed. These questions will also get her horny, and let her spell out her intentions to you with no extra effort.

The all important questions:

  • How has your sex life been of late?
  • Why did you sign up to (website)
  • Are the most guys you have been to bed with any good?

These questions are guaranteed to get her talking and straight in the mood for sex. You will also be able to easily tell if she is an easy casual lay. All these are great strategies that you can use on UK casual sex websites to spot easy girls for casual sex.