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Casual dating and regular dating is completely different, and so your dating profile should fit the situation. We tested plenty of casual dating profiles to come up with those that work best. By following our advice and suggestions, you will be able to create your casual sex dating profile that will be most effective in getting you laid. Casual UK dating sites require strategies that appeal to women, and having the right profile strategy is the best way to bag hot chicks and getting them to bed as soon as possible.

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Remember that British dating websites for casual encounters are all about sex. She is not looking for a husband. She is simply looking for the best guy she can find to have sex with and no strings attached. Your casual sex dating profile should therefore appeal to the hot women that you want to take to bed. Here, confidence is your best asset. Even if you are not particularly confident, this is the vibe that you need to be sending out. If you are not confident, you will not get any hot girls to take to bed. You also need to come off strong on your casual dating profile, and appear to take charge and be in control. These are the things that will turn women on the most.

Selling a Fantasy

English dating sites for casual sex are all about selling a sexual fantasy that women will find appealing. While being yourself on your dating profile might work well for regular dating, this will not do for casual sex dating in the UK. This is your chance to be who you have always wanted to be. You can finally be the confident, sexy, take-charge guy that you have always wanted to be, and all you have to do is sell it right. She doesn’t want to know how much you love your two dogs. All she wants to know is that you are compatible, and that you can satisfy her sexual needs. You therefore need to sell yourself in that way to have any chance of finding a casual sex partner in the UK.

You only need to imagine a persona and own it. Think of some of the sexy men that women swoon over and want to immediately get to bed with. Think James Bond or Steve McQueen for example. If you want good British casual dating tips, being sexy and appealing is the way to go. As long as you can pull it off when you actually set up a date, you can be anyone that you want to be. That is the great thing about online casual sex dating UK.

Casual Dating Profile Interests and Descriptions

Part of creating the perfect casual sex dating profile is in your interests and descriptions. These need to appeal to women. We found a few that worked great. It is all about creating an edgy casual dating profile that the hot women you want will like. Describing your videogame adventures will not do here. Women want a ‘real man’. Some of the interests that we found to be most appealing to women include motor cycles, muscle cars and mountain climbing. You want to come off as an outdoors person that doesn’t mind kicking up the dirt and causing a riot every once in a while.

When it comes to your profile picture for your online casual sex dating UK profile, you must keep it classy. It is true that the women on these sites are looking for sex, but that does not mean that they want to see your junk. Keep it classy; avoid half naked pictures and pictures of your privates. A nice well groomed picture of you will do just great. Keep it clean and sexy and you will break through the UK casual sex dating online world.

For the descriptions for your casual sex dating profile, don’t make it all about sex. We used over 20 different descriptions and the three that worked best offered a little more than sex. Let her know that you can still have some fun outside of the sheets as much as you could in them. This appeals to women, and will also not make her feel like a whore.