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On 22 April 2013
Last modified:19 April 2023


We DIDN'T appreciate After spending so much time and money, We DIDN'T FIND ANY CASUAL ENCOUNTERS. This casual dating site is USELESS.

The name sounds innocent enough, but is a complete scam. This is a website to stay away from. You will waste your hard earned money and valuable time when you get on this website. Everything seems to be wrong with this supposed casual dating personals site UK, and there are other genuine casual dating UK websites that you can join instead. You run the risk of wasting your time by getting on this website.

Flirt review

Out of all the casual dating websites UK that are out there, a lot of them are fake Casual dating personals sites in Britain. It is up to you to be able to find the real ones, and the ones that actually work. Many of these fake casual dating sites UK rely on unsuspecting users, which is why you can read our top 3 casual dating websites UK reviews to find the websites that work best.

Results from Review of Our Results after 3 Months

We were on for three months, and our results were not as impressive as we would have hoped. As previously stated, this is clearly a fake casual UK dating site, and there is no chance that you will actually get laid here. Below are the results that we got from our time on Flirt.

  • Total Number of Emails Sent: 180
  • Total Number of Replies: 33
  • Total Number of Dates Set Up: 0
  • Total Number of Dates Showed Up: 0
  • Total Number of Full Closes: 0
  • Total Amount of Time Spent on Site: 3 Months

These results are terrible for UK casual sex websites of any kind. All in all, with these kinds of results, there is no point of you getting on a casual dating site simply because you will not get laid. Avoid Flirt if you still want to keep your money.

Flirt screenshot We DO NOT RECOMMEND Flirt. We tried it in the UK and We didn’t find any casual encounters. Don’t waste your time with a bad site. Click here to find legit and efficient casual sites.

Why Is Not Worth Joining

We found that most profiles on were actually a fake. On the surface of things, it looks like there are plenty of hot women to choose from. The problem is that they are a little too hot. Most of the profiles feature girls that are a total 10. You never get these kinds of girls on online casual sex sites, and this should be the first indication that Flirt is a scam.

Secondly, the number of women that are real and attractive is too little for you to have any viable chance of meeting someone for casual sex in the UK. It is a lot like playing the lottery, only that you are pretty sure that you are not getting laid on this casual UK dating site.

There are also too many guys on Flirt. It is simply not a viable UK casual sex website if you really want to get laid. The odds are already stacked up against you. Even if you are able to find the few real profiles that actually exist on Flirt, your chances of actually getting laid are virtually zero. Review: Conclusion

All in all, is a fake UK casual dating website. There is no way that you are going to get laid on this website. From the looks of things, is a much better choice for you. There are also our top three casual dating UK website reviews that you should look at to determine which website is worth trying out.

Overall, Flirt simply does not work. This is just another one of the many scam UK casual online dating sites out there. Stay away from this site, and search for genuine options that actually help you to get laid. You will be very disappointed should you still choose to go ahead with flirt for UK online casual dating. Review: Why it didn’t make the Best of UK

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