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On 22 April 2013
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We DIDN'T appreciate After spending so much time and money, We DIDN'T FIND ANY CASUAL ENCOUNTERS. This casual dating site is USELESS.

The first thing that struck as about is the sheer number of negative online reviews. Because we do not rely on hear-say in regards to casual UK dating sites, we signed up ourselves to see if the site was as bad as everybody says it is.

Forgetdinner review

The results were outstanding (and not in a good way). Although we had long suspected that Forgetdinner was a scam UK casual sex website, we were not at all prepared for what we got. It was worse than we had initially thought. It was worse that we had thought possible. In fact, Forgetdinner might as well be the worst UK casual online dating site that we have ever been on.

It was a total waste of our money and our valuable time. the only good that ever came out of our time on Forgetdinner is we can warn you well in advance not to sign up for this fake English dating site for casual sex. It is a complete hoax and they are simply out to get your money.

Results from Review of Our Results after 3 Months

We were not prepared for the results that we got from Even for a scam British dating website for casual encounters, this site takes it. There is no chance in hell that you are getting laid on this website. Below are the results that we complied from Forgetdinner.

  • Total Number of Emails Sent: 180
  • Total Number of Replies Received: 10
  • Total Number of Dates Set Up: 0
  • Total Number of Dates Showed Up: 0
  • Total Number of Full Closes: 0
  • Total Amount of Time Spent on Site: 3 Months

We spend way too much time to get the dismal results that we got from Forgetdinner. It was a total waste of our time. At least we can advice you not to get on this site. 10 replies out of 180 emails sent is about the worst response rate that we have ever gotten. Even for a fake causal dating personals site in Britain, this one is too bad to even consider getting on.

Forgetdinner screenshot We DO NOT RECOMMEND Forgetdinner. We tried it in the UK and We didn’t find any casual encounters. Don’t waste your time with a bad site. Click here to find legit and efficient casual sites.

Why is Not a Worth Joining (Is It a Scam?) is a complete scam. Do not join this website. There is really nothing going for it, and is a waste of time and money. There is simply no way that you are getting laid on this fake casual British dating site.

There are also fat nasty girls on here. There are absolutely no hot girls for you on Forgetdinner. There are a couple of profiles of hot women, but it is obvious that these are a fake. You are really better than this site, and it is not worth your time.

The quality of real girls on Forgetdinner is also very low. It is the lowest of the low to be specific. They are ugly, fat and filled with attitude. The whole atmosphere on the site is like being in a Chinese opium den without the exotic girls. It is hazy, confusing and outright disgusting. This is a fake casual dating site UK that everyone is advised to stay well away from. Review: Conclusion

We put a lot of effort on like we do any other casual UK dating site that we review, but got nothing in the end. It was a total waste of time. We put in too much time and energy for nothing.

If you are serious about getting laid in the UK, try This is a much better choice that will guarantee that you get laid. We have also reviewed the top 3 UK casual sex website for you. Take a look at our reviews to find the best casual dating websites in the UK. Forget about Forgetdinner. It will literally make you want to kill yourself. Review: Why it didn’t make the Best of UK

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