What to say in your first emailLearn what to say to women to get a reply

What most guys do not know is that on English dating sites for casual sex, 75% of your chances to get laid are in that first email that you send. You will not get a second chance to do it over, so you simply MUST get it right the first time. Casual sex dating emails are a little tricky since they are completely different from the ones you would send on a regular dating website. There are a couple of different things that you need to consider before you hit the send button. Your main objective should be to get her to read your email in the first place, and more importantly, to reply to your email. It is all about getting the right balance and sending a great first email that will give you good results on casual dating sites UK.

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When figuring out what to say to women on casual dating sites, you must first know what women want. This is the best way for you to write the right kind of email that will give you the best results.

Firstly, women love humor. You need to incorporate a little humor to your message to get her to reply. You also need to make her smile. Women on casual UK dating sites also want emails that are original. She needs to feel special: and not that you are simply copying and pasting your emails to tons of other women. You also need to give her a reason to respond to your email, and remember to get the right balance. Your email should not be too long or too short. Both can be a bad thing.

Make her laugh

Women like a funny guy. Even when you are not all that good looking, women will pick you over the chiseled douche bag with nothing to say. Use humor to your advantage. It also makes women on Casual dating personals sites in Britain feel more comfortable and at ease with you.

Give her a reason to smile

Complements do wonders, and can really up your chances of getting laid on casual dating sites UK. Don’t complement her on her boobs or ass. This is the fastest way to get thrown in the trash. Also where possible, don’t complement her too much on her looks. Everyone else is doing it, and she will want to know why you don’t find her as attractive as all other guys. This will give you the upper hand, and will play on her insecurities. Complement her on her interests, intelligence or other things that you find attractive about her besides her rack. Make sure you are genuine.

Original and Personalized messages

Another easy way of getting dismissed from the get-go is to send her an email that you have sent to plenty of other women. Even when you are sending the same first email to different women, a few tweaks can make it personal and appealing. Simply mentioning something you read in her profile is a great way to get ahead on Casual UK dating sites.

Keep it clean

There are a lot of perverts out there, and an easy mistake is to become another one of them. Avoid mentioning the size of your penis or what you intend on doing to her when you meet up. Keep it clean but while still letting her knows that you are serious about hooking up. Avoid falling in to the trap of giving details of your sexual prowess on UK casual online dating sites. It never works!

We used over 50 different messages to see what worked and what did not. We went through all this trouble so that you know exactly what to do on English dating sites for casual sex. Below we will share some of the messages that we found to work great and those that constantly never worked.

Emails to Avoid

Bad email #1

Hey baby, I love your pretty face. And that sexy body! Good LORD! What are you up to this weekend, what do you say we hook up and have some fun?

Why it will not work

There are a couple of things that are wrong with this email. First, it is way too short. It says nothing about you as a person, and there is nothing setting you apart from the others. She simply has no reason to reply to this email. What’s more, it looks like you have sent it to dozens of other women, there is nothing personal about it.

Bad email #2

I was looking through the profiles here and I came across yours, and baby you are a 10! I just want to kiss those sexy lips and bend that cute ass over and ride all night. I have 7 inches of pleasure to keep you going all night. I don’t finish until my women finishes so baby you are guaranteed full satisfaction. We can do it anywhere and everywhere you like because I am wild like that baby. Hit me up we hook up this weekend and get to doing the nasty.

Why it will not work

This is another terrible email that will not work. There is nothing classy about it, and you might as well be talking to a whore. There is nothing wrong with describing the things that you want to do to her, just not in the first email for God’s Sake!! Get to know her first and then you can talk dirty all you want if she is into it. This makes you come off as a pervert, and you will not be getting any pussy. Good luck getting laid on English dating sites for casual sex with this kind of emails.

Emails that Worked

There is a couple of casual sex dating emails that worked for us. We will share these with you so that you get laid as soon as possible.

Email that worked #1

Good lord! The number of dicks I have seen on this website! Too bad I don’t have a picture of mine to send to you! Anyway, I came across your profile and I have to say I liked it and the pictures too. My name is (insert name). I see there are a couple of things we have in common. I don’t live far from (her location). Maybe we could meet up for drinks this weekend?

Why it worked

This email is short and to the point. It also incorporates a little bit of humor, and gives her something different from all the ‘dick picks’ she has been getting. It is classy but still shows that you are interested in hooking up. This is an email that will work well on any genuine British dating website for casual encounters.

Good email #2

Promise I am not a pervert! I know from your profile you are looking for a cool guy for a casual fling. Something different perhaps? Well, I’m probably not the perfect guy but I know we will get along great. I enjoyed reading your profile and I love the pictures too. Hit me up so we can arrange to meet up. I’m also really sorry I don’t have any cheesy pick up lines or nude photos.

Why it worked

Again, this message is precise and to the point. It is clean and classy, and adds in a little bit of humor. Note the first sentence. It is there to catch her attention and to get her to read the entire email. This kind of email will also work great on UK casual online dating sites.

These are some of causal dating emails that work and those that don’t. Put this information into action and you will definitely be getting laid on casual dating sites UK in no time at all.