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  • £45 for 3 Months (£15 per month)
  • £96.70 for 12 Months (about £8.10 per month)

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On 22 April 2013
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We had a HIGH SUCCESS RATE on This website ranks #1 in our Top Casual Dating Sites list. We definitely recommend all Britons to subscribe on this website.

There is no doubt in my mind that is the best casual UK dating site out there. The levels of success that I experienced in this site were phenomenon, and I can honestly say that it was money well spent. It was an overall great and fun website to be on that really paid off. I would recommend Socialsex to anyone looking for a legitimate English dating site for casual sex.

SocialSex review

There are a couple of tactics that I found worked great on Socialsex. Although the women here are looking for no-strings-attached sex, they are not whores. You need to treat them with some class. I found being a gentleman worked great for me, as you will later see with the results that I got.

I kept my emails short, precise and clean. I made no mention of my sexual prowess or the size of my manhood. As you can imagine, there are plenty of guys making these mistakes on Socialsex, which put me ahead and got more women this way.

Talking to a number of girls at the same time is another tactic that I found worked great on Socialsex. It was a tricky strategy at first keeping track of all the women that I was talking to, but I soon got a hang of it and it really paid off. Advanced Strategies: Find Dates Quickly on Socialsex

I will let you in on a little secret. It is all about the emails that you send out. You need to get the women to read the email in the first place. Remember that these women are being bombarded with hundreds of emails daily. They will not read all of them. I found a catch and interesting subject worked great on, and the same applies for any other UK casual sex website out there.

SocialSex screenshot SocialSex ranks #1 on our top UK casual dating sites – It is the PERFECT website for casual encounters in the London area.

Still on the emails, the content did great for me, and got me plenty of responses. It is all about keeping it clean and classy. I will share an example of an email that worked great for me. I used the same email for most of the girls but remembered to personalize it a little every time I used it. It worked wonders for me:

I wasn’t really expecting this site to be so full of perverts! The number of dicks that I have seen today is enough to put me off dating forever! Seriously though, I my name is (insert name) and I read through your profile and I have to say I am very interested. I also loved your pics too. I live close by and I would really love to meet up for drinks. Maybe this weekend?

The Women of How They Compare

What I really loved about this UK casual online dating site is the sheer number of women looking for a fling. There are so many to choose from that if you do it the right way, it will be hard to keep up.

The women were also very classy and genuinely interested in meeting a nice guy for casual sex. There are plenty of pretty girls on this casual dating site UK, which is very refreshing. Overall, the girls on here are top notch, and you will not get them anywhere else. Test: 3 Months on Socialsex

Overall, I had a great experience and dramatically improved my sex life since getting on Socialsex. I sent out a total of 180 emails during the 3 months that I tested the site. I was able to set up a total of 14 dates, although 11 showed up. This is still a pretty good number still. Long story short, I took 9 to bed. 9 different girls in 3 months! I have to say I am very happy. With more time and effort, I’m sure I could have scored even more. Still, this is a very impressive number and I doubt that there is a British casual dating website out there that can match this result. Costs & Plans for UK Members

  • Free standard membership
  • £22.50 per Month
  • £45 for 3 Months (£15 per month)
  • £96.70 for 12 Months (about £8.10 per month)

As you might notice, you will get more value for your money with the 12 months membership. If you are also better off paying for a three month membership or 12 months membership because it is very unlikely that you will get laid on your first month. Review: The Final Word

We have ranked number 1 on our best British casual sex sites and for good reason. It is a great choice, and you are guaranteed to get laid within your first three months on the website.

You should read our British casual sex dating guides to get important tips on how to get laid quickly and everything that you will need to succeed in British casual sex. Overall, Socialsex is 100% recommended, and you will definitely be happy with this decision. Review: UK Socialsex Tactics

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