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On 22 April 2013
Last modified:19 April 2023


We DIDN'T appreciate After spending so much time and money, We DIDN'T FIND ANY CASUAL ENCOUNTERS. This casual dating site is USELESS.

Unless you really know what you are doing, it is most times difficult to spot fake casual UK dating sites from just a glance. This is the case with It is a complete fake, but it is hard to tell at a quick glance. There are loads of promises about meeting hot women for casual sex, which will never be fulfilled.

iSingles review

The layout of Isingles is pretty descent, and what you would expect from a standard UK casual sex website. The features are also not half bad. It is not until that you actually get to the details of the site that you begin to see the cracks. Overall, you are sure to be disappointed by what you find on Isingles. It is totally not worth your time.

Results From Review Of Our Results after 3 Months

Overall, turned out to be a terrible UK casual online dating website. It was totally a waste of time, and we have seen some pretty good sites that are more value for money. This site simply does not compare. In actual fact, Isingles is downright the worst English dating site for casual sex that we have ever encountered. Take a look at our results to see for yourself.

  • Total Number of Emails Sent: 180
  • Total Number of Replies Received: 8
  • Total Number of Dates Set-up: 0
  • Total Number of Dates Showed Up For: 0
  • Total Number of Full Closes: 0
  • Total Amount of Time Spent on Site: 3 Months

As you can see for yourself, Isingles is a total scam. There is no way that you are going to get laid on this site. Imagine 8 replies from a total of 180 emails sent. It is ridiculous and simply not worth even considering for a single moment.

iSingles screenshot We DO NOT RECOMMEND iSingles. We tried it in the UK and We didn’t find any casual encounters. Don’t waste your time with a bad site. Click here to find legit and efficient casual sites.

Why is a Not worth Joining (Is It a Scam?) is probably the worst British dating website for casual encounters scam that we have ever seen. It is a wonder that this site is still operational. There are also lots of online reviews of the same persuasion. This site needs to be shut down and immediately.

Simply put, there is no way you are getting laid on Isingles. Once you fall into the trap of this fake casual dating personals site in Britain, not even Jesus could save you. You will end up talking to non existing women. Most of the profiles here are a fake.

Isingles lures you in with the illusion that there are plenty of hot girls for you to choose from. The truth of the matter is that it is actually quite the contrary. A high percentage of these profiles are fake, and there is no way you are going to get laid no matter how much effort you put in to it. Review: Conclusion

When all is said and done, remains the worst casual dating site UK that we have ever encountered. You have a better chance going out to the club to pick up girls. There is simply no conceivable way that you are going to get laid on Isingles. It is a scam website that belongs in the shitter. It is probably one of the most elaborate scams on the internet at the moment.

If you really want to get laid in the UK, read our top 3 reviews for UK casual dating website. All three of these sites are guaranteed to get you laid in no time. is one of the websites featured in our top three. Read our reviews for genuine UK casual online dating sites for the full scoop about the best casual dating sites in the UK. Forget about Isingles. Someone needs to take down this site, and do it soon! Review: Why it didn’t make the Best of UK

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