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On 22 April 2013
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We DIDN'T appreciate After spending so much time and money, We DIDN'T FIND ANY CASUAL ENCOUNTERS. This casual dating site is USELESS. is a scam casual UK dating site, and you should steer clear from it. If you are looking to waste your time and money, this is the place to be. There are very few things that are good about this scam casual British dating site, and not a worthy investment overall. We were both frustrated and disappointed by this site, and we will tell you why.

Shagaholic review

First, the number of hot women looking for casual sex in the UK is very small and far between. Most of these women also seem to think that the site is not worth it, as they are rarely online to begin with. They are also slow to respond to emails if they do at all.

There is also the problem with fake profiles. Plenty of the profiles on Shagaholic are obviously a fake, and there is nothing being done to take them down. Overall, Shagaholic is a complete scam! Stay away!

Results From Review of Our Results after 3 Months

We took a lot of time and resources to carefully review this site for you, and we have the results. They are totally disappointing, and this site will do nothing for you except waste your time. If you are serious about getting laid in Britain, there are other UK casual online dating sites that are legitimate and will get you what you want. We will review the results anyway. These are the results that we got after three months on this scam UK casual dating website:

  • Total Number of Emails Sent: 180
  • Total Number of Replies Received: 44
  • Total Number of Dates Set up: 0
  • Total Number of Dates Showed Up: 0
  • Total Number of Full Closes: 0
  • Total Amount of Time Spent on Site: 3 Months

As you can see, the results are more than disappointing. The whole point of being on a casual dating personals site in Britain is to get laid. It seems that Shagaholic have an entirely different interpretation of what UK fling dating sites are all about.

Shagaholic screenshot
We DO NOT RECOMMEND Shagaholic. We tried it in the UK and We didn’t find any casual encounters. Don’t waste your time with a bad site. Click here to find legit and efficient casual sites.

Why is Not worth Joining (Is It a Scam)

Yes, is a total scam! Stay away from it. Retards get more action that you would get on this scam casual British dating site. There is nothing for you here, and you are better off joining another dating site.

The few real women that are actually on this casual dating site UK are unattractive. You would be forgiven for thinking that you are on an African safari when scanning members’ profiles and pictures on this site. It is something that will immediately put you off, and have you running to a legitimate casual UK dating site.

If you live in a small town, you are sure that you are not getting laid. Even for guys in the big cities, getting laid on Shagaholic is a complete long shot. For guys in the small towns, you had better start making a weekend date with ‘Pamela’ (also known as ‘your palm’ or simply ‘Pam’).

Lastly, there are plenty of negative online reviews for Shagaholic that will put you off. Unless you want to join the Shagaholic lynch mob on various platforms, keep your money and take it where it will actually give you results. Review: Conclusion

As you might have guessed by now, is a prime example of scam English dating sites for casual sex. There is nothing real about this site, and is a total waste of time and money. They are making a tidy sum every day from unsuspecting users, which is why you need to do your research.

If you are serious about getting laid, join There are also other genuine British dating websites for casual encounters out there that we have reviewed. Read our reviews to find what really works, and increase your chances of getting laid online.

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